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Google Glass Explorer Edition Review

In 2013 Serj Brin introduced Google Glass on the Google I/O. At this time there wasn’t any wearable device on the market (Maybe the first Pebble watch…). From this moment on I just wanted to play with one of this devices but the price was high – 1.500,- and just for US citizens. After a couple of month of field testing, things turned out not so good for the project – people where banned from cafes cinemas and other spaces with there devices on – the press also found a new word for it „glassholes“. And after 3 years of beta-testing (with Jan 2015) Google decided to close the Explorer program and stopped selling the devices. Cause of this lots of people sold there device. That was my chance to get one – and I bought one from ebay for 350€. This is a short review about my experience with Google Glass.