Roadie Tuner

Another Kickstarter project which was successfully funded. I received my reward a couple of month ago, now here’s a quick review.

The roadie tuner is a automatic guitar tuner. The device connects to a smartphone app via bluetooth. The app is available for Android and iOS. In the box there are a couple of goodies: picks, cables (instrument and charging) and some stickers.


Let’s get startet – I loaded the app and fully charged the device. Connecting the device to your smartphone was really easy. Now the app wants you to add a new instrument, you can select between acoustic, electric, classic, ukulele, mandoline and banjo. For electric guitars use the cable provided to hook up your guitar to the smartphone. I just tried it with my accoustic guitar.


So lets put the roadie tuner on the first guitar string and push tune on the low E. Play the string and roadie tuner does the rest of the work. You can also auto detect the string played. The app also allows custom tunings and your own tunings and you can save them all for later. It works perfectly.

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After a couple of tunings I just turned of the device and a couple of days later I wanted to show it to some friend and the device wasn’t turning on even with the charging cable plugged in. I had to fully charge the device to turn it on again – strange. The device itself is made of plastic and you can fell it when you hold it in your hands – not really the best quality, but hey it’s there first patch of the product – there’s room for improvement.


Well it’s a nice device if you are too lazy to use a standard tuner. It really helps if you use alternate tunings a lot, but I can’t really imagine that I would use it on stage – it’s just too time consuming to open the app, plug in your instrument and place the device on your guitar (Even for a real roadie…). Also it’s not possible at the time to tune your bass-guitar with it. I also think I would be faster and accurate with just a simple stringwinder or by hand and a good tuner. At the moment this is just a nice toy/gadget – it would be cooler if this is included in your guitar like in the gibson robot guitar.

Link: Roadie Tuner


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