Xbox One Controller on Ubuntu 14.04

The Linux Kernel has been updated to include support for the Xbox One controller (wired only – from kernel 3.17) but if you are using Ubuntu 14.04 or 14.10 or any of its derivatives you will need to use DKMS to get it running.

DKMS stands for Dynamic Kernel Module Support. It’s a smart little helper which monitors manually installed Kernel modules and automatically compiles them when the kernel gets updated.

We need this to get the code from the 3.17 kernel to our 3.13 Ubuntu kernel. So install dkms if it’s not available

sudo apt-get install dkms

Next download and extract this package (package includes the xpad.c from kernel 3.17 and install scripts):


Let’s start to replace the xpad driver:

sudo rmmod xpad # If the driver is already loaded
 sudo ./dkms_install
 sudo modprobe xpad

That’s it, now plug in your controller and watch the X light up.

Next step (for another article) – try the controller with steam…

2 Kommentare
  1. Chris
    Chris sagte:

    Wireless means you need the orginal wireless stick from microsoft for the xbox one contoller? I read that linux is not supported.

    • reinhard
      reinhard sagte:

      you can connect the xbox wireless controller with a usb-cable to your pc and it should work on ubuntu with this kernel-mod. I know microsoft is now selling this wireless adapter for windows, at the time of this article this wasn’t available. I bought this adapter a couple of weeks ago and use it on my Windows machine with steam – if you want, I can try it out on linux and let you know.


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