Trebuchet MS and Linux

Sometimes Webpages on a Linux Desktop break or look bad but on other OSes work perfectly. Maybe a CSS Problem? Or maybe a problem with Microsoft?

Couple of weeks ago I took over the administration and developement of a Drupal Webpage. At the moment I’m using a Linux notebook with Ubuntu 14.04 for developement (and I love it!), and when I displayed the page in a browser – the page breaks and looked really bad. No matter which browser I used – just a ugly webpage. Then I found out on my MacBook that the page was displayed correctly – strange.First I thought it’s the grid system of the page, so I checked every css attribute and found nothing. Then I found the font-definition:

font: 13.6px/100% "Trebuchet MS",Tahoma,"Gill Sans",Arial,Verdana 

Ok – so this page uses a TrueType font called „Trebuchet MS“. Now I just tried to find a package for Ubuntu with some core true type fonts – this is called ttf-mscorefonts-installer – but it’s up to date.

After a couple of searches on google I found out that the actual truetype font file is called trebuc.ttf and that the true-type fonts on my system are stored under /usr/share/fonts/truetype but there is no trebuc.ttf.

Simple solution, create a directory under /usr/share/fonts/truetype and copy over the file from a windows-system, restart your Webbrowser and the webpage should display correct.

Trebuchet is a Microsoft licensed font and is installed on Windows, MacOSX, iOS and Chrome OS but is not available on some android versions and Linux. Also it’s not allowed to redistribute the font and create a web-font out of it. Here’s the Microsoft Trebuchet Site with more information and even a link to purchase the font. Microsoft refers to Trebuchet MS as „a good web design font“ – well it’s not!

If you don’t have a Windows or Mac machine to get the trebuc.ttf, just type the filename trebuc.ttf into your favorite search engine 😉

For future webpage projects keep in mind – Never ever use „Trebuchet MS“.

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