Use your Chromecast with Linux

Just a small Tutorial on how to stream media from your linux os to chromecast.

The chromecast is a nice little device to stream your favourite media to your television. For just ~35$ is also very cheap – cheaper than a apple tv. To stream media from you tablet or mobile phone it’s easy – just press the cast icon and that’s it. On a desktop OS it needs a couple of more tweaks to get started.

First of all, you need the chrome browser or chromium, next install the „Google Cast“ browser extension:

Now you should see your chromecast in the dropdown menu:


This simple extension will allow you to stream your browser tab to your tv. Chrome or chromium are able to play a couple of video files in the build in media player, so simple files can be played by just opening them with ctrl+O.

But for other video-formats we need another extension Videostream:


This will play a couple of more video-formats and will play your videos in full screen. You can find the extension in the google apps icon in chrome:


This is the startscreen of the extension:

With this 2 extensions you can’t play a couple of media-files like mkv files. There’s another approch to play this files.
Download and install the PLEX Media Server to your NAS or to your local desktop, add your media and – important – sign in with your PLEX account, if you don’t have one, register at their homepage – it’s free.

Open the Plex Media Server Webclient in Chrome/Chromium and you will find the cast-icon in the Plex Interface. Plex media server can decode almost every video format!


There’s another nice chromecast feature: you can stream your entire desktop on your tv.


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