Compile the JUCE Audio Plugin Demo on Mac OSX XCode 6.0.1

This is a short tutorial on compiling the JUCE Audio-Plugin Demo Application.
(This creates AudioUnit,VST and VST3 Test-Plugins)

To find out more about the JUCE Framework please visit

First open the Project in XCode – extras/audio plugin demo/Builds/MacOSX/JuceDemoPlugin.xcodeproj

Next we need the CoreAudio Sample Project from Apple -> Download this sample project:

Extract and move the CoreAudio folder to: /Library/Developer/CoreAudio

create a symbolic link from /Applications/

In my case the Extras folder didn’t exist so

cd /Applications/
sudo mkdir Extras
cd Extras
sudo ln -s /Library/Developer/CoreAudio CoreAudio

check in XCode that „Juce Library Code“->“Juce AU Wrapper“ files are found and not red

now it’s possible to compile the AU

for vst3 vst:

Go to register as developer and download the vst3 SDK

copy the „VST3 SDK“ Folder to /User/<your username>/SDKs/     (create folder SDKs…)

next you need the vstsdk2.4 which isn’t available on steinbergs site

I found it here ->

download it and copy the vstsdk2.4 folder to /User/<your username>/SDKs/

now XCode throws a couple of errors in the audioeffect.cpp and other files just accept the compiler casts.

my last error was that there was no VST3 Dir at /User/<your username>/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/

create the folder and the build should finish without errors.

To test the demo plugin, fire up your favorite audio sequencer and insert the plugin, in my case Ableton Live:



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