Some updates…

After 2 years I thought it’s time to bring back life to this blog. I was busy the last years with different projects and lifechanging things. I was a developer on a cubesat project, did some webpage jobs, build a couple of weird machines and played around with a couple of nice gadets. Last year I finaly bought a Prusa MK3 3D Printer and since then I’m back in love with the 3D-Printing community. It’s some much fun to print nice designs and create your own stuff. So I will focus my blog in the next couple of posts around 3D-Printing. How I started, back in 2012 and about the present developement of this machines!

Install Google Chrome on RHEL7

Support on RHEL for Chrome is poor, so here’s a quick tutorial on how to install it:

yum install redhat-lsb libXScrnSaver
yum google-chrome-stable_current_x86_64.rpm

If you need the chromedriver for webapp tests, simply install it from EPEL:

yum install chromedriver

How to mount a old linux LVM system disk with a usb adapater

I lately upgraded my linux laptop with a new SSD and thought it would also be a good time to install the new Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version. I did a backup of my old system (Ubuntu 14.04 LTS) but I thought it would be a good idea to setup a fresh system and just copy my home from the old disk.


Google Glass Explorer Edition Review

In 2013 Serj Brin introduced Google Glass on the Google I/O. At this time there wasn’t any wearable device on the market (Maybe the first Pebble watch…). From this moment on I just wanted to play with one of this devices but the price was high – 1.500,- and just for US citizens. After a couple of month of field testing, things turned out not so good for the project – people where banned from cafes cinemas and other spaces with there devices on – the press also found a new word for it „glassholes“. And after 3 years of beta-testing (with Jan 2015) Google decided to close the Explorer program and stopped selling the devices. Cause of this lots of people sold there device. That was my chance to get one – and I bought one from ebay for 350€. This is a short review about my experience with Google Glass.


Make a Local Backup of your Gmail Account from the Commandline

Using a web-based Email Account means you don’t have a local backup of your files and if gmail fails you can loose your mails. Here’s a quick howto on creating a local Backup of your Gmail Account.


Roadie Tuner

Another Kickstarter project which was successfully funded. I received my reward a couple of month ago, now here’s a quick review.


Sync iTunes Library to NAS

Yes – I use iTunes to organize and sync my music. But all my music is on my local Windows machine, and I can’t share them (only on AppleTV), so I decided to sync my music to my NAS. There I got Plex and other tools to share my music to whatever device I want. Here’s a short tutorial how I did it.


Xbox One Controller on Ubuntu 14.04

The Linux Kernel has been updated to include support for the Xbox One controller (wired only – from kernel 3.17) but if you are using Ubuntu 14.04 or 14.10 or any of its derivatives you will need to use DKMS to get it running.


Trebuchet MS and Linux

Sometimes Webpages on a Linux Desktop break or look bad but on other OSes work perfectly. Maybe a CSS Problem? Or maybe a problem with Microsoft?


Backup a Microsoft SQL-Server with Ubuntu 14.04

I spent several  hours to figure out how to backup a mssql-server with linux. It wasn’t easy but I found a nice solution.